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In response to the confusion and conflict caused by having three art fairs the exact same time in San Francisco, we have decided not to produce the 4th annual San Francisco Fine Art fair at Fort Mason, in May 2013.

We feel that it is not in the best interest of the SF arts community to have simultaneously run similar fairs. The SFFAF was the first and pioneering event in the recent resurgence of Bay Area art fairs. But we feel that the time conflicts and stress on the art dealers, the artists, and local fairgoers juggling three events the very same hours and days was not beneficial for all parties involved. So for the good of the SF arts community, and after 3 successful years of bringing an international fair to the Bay Area, we have decided not to produce the SF Fine Art Fair in May 2013.

Stay tuned for other major new art fairs on the horizon at the Hamptons Expo Group.